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General Surgery

At Econόmico Animal Hospital, we take immense pride in our highly skilled ability to perform veterinary surgeries when your pet needs it most. We understand that having your pet undergo surgery may provide an uneasy feeling, however you can rest assured that our experienced team of doctors and staff make it their number one priority to focus on giving your pet the care and compassion they need to not only successfully make it through the operation but to lead a healthier and happier life when they return from our hospital.


The modern amenities and pristine conditions of our surgical rooms enable our staff to function at peak capacity. We do everything in our power to streamline your experience so that all lab work and pre-surgical exams are completed in a timely manner. Our resources not only help our staff feel supported, they can also help your pet feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar place. We recommend a follow-up with each of our clients so we can catch small problems before they turn into larger ones.

Our team will be working with you before, during and after surgery to address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure, anesthesia, or postoperative care.



General FAQs

What surgeries do you perform at Econόmico Animal Hospital? 

At Economico Animal Hospital we perform a range of surgeries. Below is a short list of surgeries performed:

o   Abscess Repair

o   Amputations (Limbs, Tail)

o   Anal Gland Abscess Repair

o   Anal Gland Removal

o   Bite Wound Repair

o   Cesarean section

o   Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal)

o   Cryptorchid

o   Cystotomy (Bladder Stones)

o   Debulking

o   Dental Cleaning

o   Dental Extractions

o   Ear (Aural) Hematoma

o   Entropion

o   Enucleation

o   Exploratory (Foreign Body Removal)

o   Eyelid Margin Tumor Removals

o   Gingivae (Gum) Tumor Removal

o   Hernia Repair (Inguinal, Abdominal, Umbilical, Perineal)

o   Laceration Repair

o   Lipoma Removals

o   Mastectomy

o   Mass Removal (Various)

o   Nephrectomy

o   Neuters

o   Orthopedic (Fracture Repairs)

o   Patella Luxation

o   Pyometra

o   Scrotal Ablation

o   Spay

o   Splenectomy

o   Tumor Removal

o   Vaginal/Uterus Prolapse 

If your pet requires a surgery not listed above please give us a call at 310-243-6599 

When do you peform surgeries? 

Surgeries are performed Monday thru Saturday, but our staff is prepared for an emergency surgery that should come in unexpectedly anytime.

Are appointments required?

Since we are a walk-in clinic no appointments are required. We do request that you check in with your pet between 8:30am-10am. Please allow yourself time when checking in your pet in for surgery.

Are exam and consultations required before surgery?

If you have not been here before we do require an examination to establish patient/veterinarian relationship. We will exam your pet and provide you with an estimate. Here at Econόmico Animal Hospital, we want to ensure that your pet receives the highest quality of care, which is why we take the time to conduct a thorough check in. 

Who can bring in my pet?

In an effort to ensure the safety of your pet, the owner or person checking in your pet must be at least 18 years of age, provide us with current contact information.


Does my pet need to be fasted?

We strongly urge that  your pet has not had anything to eat since 10 pm the night before, and has had limited water intake. Any food and water consumed earlier than this poses a risk for your pet while under anesthesia and we may recommend an additional injection(s) to help reduce risks.

Is bloodwork required? 

We highly recommend a pre-anesthetic screening test performed in-house PRIOR to your pet going under anesthesia. Many illnesses that Veterinarians see on a day-to-day basis can go from undetectable to potentially deadly (particularly when combined with surgery and/or anesthesia.) Pre-anesthetic screening can be key in early prevention/avoiding unnecessary risks (Additional tests might also be recommended based on a pet’s breed and history.) Pre-anesthetic blood work checks the internal organs and blood count and is a vital part of safe anesthesia. It confirms proper organ functions, oxygen carrying ability of blood, ability to fight infection, platelets for proper clotting, and to establish a baseline for future reference. Help us provide the best level of care for your pet by choosing to perform blood work prior to anesthesia or sedation.

What can I expected during surgery? 

During surgery, your pet will be monitored by one of our Surgery Technicians who will be consistently checking your pet's vitals, they will also be connected to several monitoring devices such as, a Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, pulse oximeter, ECG,  and a Apnea Monitor. They will be connected to IV fluids and pain medication is administered through and IV catheter. 

What is post-operative care and pick up like?

When your pet is ready to be checked out of the hospital, please allow yourself some time to consult with your pet’s surgery doctor or technician. They will provide you with post-surgery instructions and go over pain management based on your pet’s procedure. You will also be informed for when to return for a recheck/follow up visit with the doctor.


Monday - Friday:    8:30am - 1:00pm 

                                           2:00pm - 7:00pm

                Saturday:    8:30am - 1:30pm

                    Sunday:    Closed

Address.   1451 Artesia Blvd, Suite 3
                      Gardena, CA 90248


 Tel.   310-243-6599



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