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Advanced technologies allow veterinarians to provide a more accurate diagnosis faster than ever before. The same ultrasound used in human medicine is used in veterinary care to detect several different pet health problems, avoiding the need for invasive surgeries. At Econόmico Animal Hospital we use ultrasound to help pet receive the treatment that's best for their condition.


What is an ultrasound and what benefits does my pet get?

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves that echo off the body's soft tissues, translating these waves into a digitized computer image. A hand-held device is passed over the surface of the body, creating the image. Our vet carefully analyzes the image to note changes in the size or shape of internal organs and tissues. If a problem is found, further testing may be needed to confirm a diagnosis. Then, medication, surgery, or other therapies can be administered.

What Conditions can be detected with an Ultrasound?

As in human medicine, ultrasound can detect stages of pregnancy and the condition of the fetuses. It is often used to count puppies in the womb. Ultrasound may also be used to detect stones in the bladder or urinary system. It is also used to get information about the condition of joints in the body and the presence of lubricating fluids that aid movement. Our veterinarian may use ultrasound to determine how blood is flowing through the heart or may use it to guide needles when taking a biopsy.


What Happens During an Ultrasound?

An animal may not always have to be sedated to do an ultrasound test. However, very active animals or those who are nervous or in distress may require a sedative to help them corporate with the testing. In some cases, a patch of fur may be shaved in order to provide a good view of the internal area. As the hand-held device is passed over the area, it provides different angles and perspectives of the internal tissues. After the test, the sedative will quickly wear off, and your pet can go back to normal activities.


For more information on our ultrasound services give us a call at (310) 243-6599 today!

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